Monday, September 28, 2015

DIY:"Copper" Tropical Napkin rings

I know that summer is over but I'm still in a tropical/pineapple mood and I had some unused cookie cutters in fruit forms that were screaming for attention, after thinking for a couple of days I came up with the idea of these Tropical Napkin Rings.

  • Air dry modeling clay
  • Cookie cutters in the form that you like, I used a cutter with pineapple form.
  • Copper Acrylic paint
  • Black Acrylic paint
  • A couple of paint brushes
  • X-acto knife
  • Any napkin ring that you have (to use as model for measures)
  • A water glass 
  • A ruler
  • Resistol (I used Resistol FlexGel 911 but you can use any instant glue you have)

 These are the instructions:

1) Take a good portion of clay and form a ball.
2)With the aid of the glass start rolling until you get a uniform 1/4"thick clay surface.
3) Using the ruler and the x-acto knife cut 4 strings as wide as you wish (mine are 6/8") and put around the napkin ring until a band is formed, remove the napkin ring and put these bands away.

4)  Use the cookie cutters to get 4 pieces and put them with the bands in a cool place for at least 24 hours to allow the clay to dry.
Talk about creating the nicest pineapples!

I had a little too much fun with these...

5) Once dry,  paint all the pieces with the copper acrylic paint, make sure to clean your brush after working at it for a while with dish soap or it will get too hard you won't be able to use it later. Let the pieces dry.

6) Brush all the pieces with a light coat of the black acrylic paint, don't allow the paint to dry and quickly wipe away the black paint before it dries (you can use a wet paper towel).
While you are wiping the black paint you'll see how the texture will change and will leave a nice patina.
(If you feel like it got too black  just put gold paint on it until you feel satisfied with the results)

Can you see the difference?
7) Let it dry again and if you want you can use some clear lacquer spray paint to give it a shiny finish.
Use the Resistol to put together the bands with the pineapples and voilá!

Isn't they lovely? And I bet you that just by looking the picture you wouldn't imagine they were made of clay. I hope you liked this DIY project and even better, that you are now thinking in giving it a try, is really easy and it won't take long to get done.

Which cutter figure would you use to create napking rings?


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