Monday, October 5, 2015

DIY: Flower Curtains

I recently discovered that I suffer from "Globophobia" (a fear of ballons), is not like I'm afraid of being attacked by them or something like that but I've always believed that ballons are a representation of polution just by being made of plastic, I also think of them as lethal weapons for little kids and sea animals (not sure how this phobia started so far I don't have any ballon-related fatality to report)

Having said that you can imagine that I'm not the happiest person when we plan to decorate someone's cubicle for birthday celebrations and all that I hear are balloons  here & there.

They say that if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem so I decided to find another way to decorate for a dear friend's special day without using balloons at all creating instead a beautiful (easy) flower curtain.

Supplies needed:
-A bouquet of your favorite flower (the one in the picture produced 2 curtains)
-Xacto knife
-Floral tape 
-Elastic transparent thread (can be found in any jewelry supply store) 

*Please ignore the cord string in the picture, that was our first thought but didn't work.

Let's get this done:
1)Take each flower and cut the stems below the leaves.

2) Put together groups of 3 stems and make a braid with them securing the ends with the floral tape. These will be the curtain poles, we only did 2 poles because of the space that we had to decorate but you can go crazy and create as much as possible.
Try to keep the braid a little loose because we'll need to be able to pass the thread through the pole.

3) Cut elastic threads as long as you want your curtain to be, we did ours of 4-5 inches but we keep them "spontaneous" by having some shorter/longer and them mixing them.
Tie one end of the thread to the flower just below the receptacle. (Sorry for the blurry picture)

4) Place your flowers over the pole and decide on the arrangement, once you are happy with the flower's positions tie the other thread end to one of the stems in the pole.

5) Raise it to check that threads are secured and that flowers are nicely placed

And you are done!
This is one of ours temporarily decorating my couch:As I did these one night before the big day I put all the flowers in little containers with enough water to cover the little stems, they were still fresh in the morning looking even better than the night before.

Give it a try, it's easier than it looks, your friend will be delighted and there won't be damaged animals or risked kids
(Did I forget to mention that these are gluten-free? Hehe)
Do you have any weird phobia (like mine) that you can share so we can all feel weird together?

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