Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Living Intentionally: Gifting (Tlaquepaque) Memories

My favorite guy in the world celebrated his birthday some days ago and for the first time in my life I was not remotely worried about what to gift him, it was without any doubt the best birthday that we have spent together and If you ask me what has changed I would say that all relies in last year's decision to start living intentionally.

What does Living Intentionally means?

I found this simple and concise definition that can help explaining it:  
Living intentionally is knowing why you do what you do and why you don’t do what you don’t do.

In past years I remember that birthdays were all about the presents, the cake, the people that would be invited, the piñata and the party flavors, I would be worried about being able to keep all the details secret, but somehow I realized that these celebrations were about a number of things except making a special day for the one being honored, take my boyfriend for instance, he's a very loving guy that enjoys hanging with our friends but if I ask him in advance, he'd always prefer to have the two of us doing something special instead of throwing a huge party.

Tlaquepaque here we go.

This year I (intentionally) decided to gift him memories instead of things (although he also got an amazon gift card hahaha) so we had a little vacation in Tlaquepaque, which is only 20 kilometers far from our house.

Tlaquepaque's name derives from Nahuatl and means "place above clay land". 

This charming city is famous for its pottery and blown glass and even when its downtown is very small there are a lot of things to see: Leather, ceramic, glass and wood Craft workshops, the Ceramic Museum,  El Refugio Cultural center,  galleries, restaurants, churches, candy stores and the very famous "Parian" where you can listen to mariachis while you eat regional dishes and drink a glass of horchata.

If you are visiting during the weekend you will be able to see the Papantla Flyers at Hidalgo Garden and please don't forget to stop over the market (specially if you plan to buy souvenirs)

We stayed at a cozy boutique hotel and planned to stay as much time as possible in the pool but as it turned out to be too cold to dive in, we spent most of our 2 days there walking, sightseeing, taking pictures and just enjoying the sunny days together, awww, definitely the best-birthday-ever!

Wouldn't you love to come visit Tlaquepaque?



  1. Nena, para empezar creo que voy a empezar a implementar el "Living Intentionally" me super latió las idea, y tlaquepaque me consta que está hermoso y tus fotos wow! Como siempre ;)

  2. Jajaj gracias Yare! Si definitivamente te cambia la vida (para bien) cuando decides vivirla con intención, ya me contaras como la estás implementando y los resultados que vayas teniendo, que padre que te unas a la causa =)

  3. Me encantan las fotos!!!!!! todas muy bonitas, los colores, los lugares, la modelo... el mensaje, todo muy motivante para vivir intensamente y disfrutar cada momento

  4. Que padre que te gustaron!! Siiii vivir al máximo que este ratito si no lo aprovechamos ya se nos fue jeje