Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2015 Holidays Deco inspiration: Whreaths, trees & Gift wraps

Since I was a little kid I remember loving the holiday season, we would play non stop Christmas Carols starting on my birthday (Nov 21st) until mid January, watching Home Alone over and over and we would be extremely excited about the decorations but the best part of all would be the "parties" that my sister and I would host in our bedroom, it was just the 3 of us: my little sister, me and a huge bag of candies that we would equally split, ahhhh, good times!

I'm a little older now and my health/ love handlers can't afford those sugar-filled parties anymore, but I still feel like a kid just to think of holiday season.

I've been daydreaming a lot about the decorations for this year, specially since I just move to a new house and have a new canvas to play around, but as we still have so many boxes to take care of  that are not allowing me to start putting stuff all around I decided to kick off the season with some beautiful/simple ideas that you can adapt or take as inspiration for your own decorations.

1) Wreaths 

I love special wreaths, below you can see 3 examples of original designs with unexpected materials:

1.1 The Colorful version: Citrus wreath (link)

Mmm this probably also have a very nice smell
Source: Better homes

1.2 Minimalist version:  Bells Wreath(link)

We are familiar with Bells as part of Christmas decorations but have you ever seen a wreath made of bells?
Source: Nordic House

1.3) Unexpected Version: Paper Wreath (link)

For those who enjoy using different (and challenging) materials

Source: Fall for DIY

2) Trees

Who doesn't love a big Christmas tree? I do, but it can also be fun to add some accents to the mix here are 3 proposals for small (and extremely cute) trees.

2.1) The Colorful version (link)

Who said that Christmas trees can not be red or pink?
Source: Anthropology

2.2) Minimalist version: Small fresh cut tree (link)

This cutie that can be placed anywhere from a coffee table to a bookcase or as in the picture over a shelf next to a framed image.
Source: Julie Blanner

2.3) Unexpected version: Newspaper Trees  (link)

What about colorful trees made of newspaper or post-its?

Source: Pinterest

3) Gift Wraps

We still have some time to finish our gifts list and run to the mall but in the meantime check this 3 proposals for gift wrapping that will make you not wanting to give them away:

3.1) Colorful proposal: embellished sacks (link)

These cuties are great for gifting food: cookies, chocolates, small jewelry, you name it.

Source: Celebrate Creativity

3.2) Minimalist version: Kraft paper and a branch (link)

It doesn't get any easier than this.

Source: Pinterest

3.3) Unexpected proposal: Hire some little helpers (link)

What about asking for some help to get your little presents delivered?
Source: Captain and the gipsy kid

In the coming weeks (and if we succeed at the new house unboxing project) I'll share some simple ideas of DIY small gifts that you can create in a couple of hours for the cool people that surround you that might have been naughty this year but still deserves something more than a piece of coal.

Thanks for stopping by, please let me know which of the ideas above was your favorite



  1. están padrísimos todos ñoñis, igual que tu amo la navidad, es de mis fechas favoritas, así que consideraré seriamente implementar alguna de tus ideas, a ver si no va a parar al pinterest fail jajajaja

  2. Jajajaja yo el año pasado intenté el de los animales con las cajas y me tardé un rato en encontrar el pegamento correcto pero al final quedaron lindos, así que tal vez sea una onda de prueba y error ja