Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stop and smell the succulents?

When life urges us to slow down.

If you have been following this blog (and I hope you have) you probably noticed that last week there was not post.

It wasn't laziness or procrastination, that day in the morning I was hit when I was driving to work...by a trailer, yes, a huge truck carrying merchandise hit the rear of my car and even when I've been thinking over and over about it, there was simply no way that I could have avoided this (maybe staying at home?)

Anyway, this is not intended to start a pitty party, I'm fine, just had to go to the doctor, wear an orthopedic cervical collar for some days, being taking some (really strong) medicine and my worst nightmare: getting some rest!

It's interesting the lessons that you can learn from a situation like this:

1) I'll be fine, just not today

Because of the discrete thing I was wearing over my neck there was no way I could hide this accident, and it's really nice that people care and want to get all details, however imagine how many people has asked the exact same questions.

Other thing that can get annoying: people telling you it could be worst, that is true, but it also could be better, so there is no real comfort on hearing that, you know what is even better? Offer your help.
My friends at the office offered to drive me to places, carry my purse, even recommended real cool Netflix shows, and as my bed is my new best friend those recommendations were very useful and I feel really grateful for their love and support, no words but actions instead.  

2) Taking health for granted

Right, is so easy to assume that living a healthy life gives some guarantee to avoid visiting hospitals and it certainly helps but there is no way to assure you 'll be exempt of an accident like mine.

S@&t happens, it happens everyday and at some point it can be us, therefore please don't take your health for granted: get up, move, shake, enjoy, run and wear those 3 IN heels that right now are forbidden for me (I miss them!)

3) Strengthen your body

This is my 5th or 6th car accident and every time I get checked the doctor says that those with regular physical activity are more likely to have a faster recovery and less likely to be severely damaged as are built stronger.
So let's prepare our bodies for this battle that is called life.

4)Finally, take a moment to reflex on what is going on in your life

Before this thing I was literally running between work staff, preparing to move, planning travels, thinking in new DIY projects, visiting farm markets, practicing Tenis, etc etc etc, I realized that I needed to slow down, stop running and try to appreciate the things that were happening instead of running from one thing to the next, these days I learned that it was ok to lay down watching a movie, life was made to be enjoyed and there is so much joy in spending that time with my boyfriend even if we are watching re-runs of the nanny.

They say that we don't see life as it is, instead we see life as we are, so this days I've started to see it more peaceful and fulfilling, and with all that is happening in the world is not a bad time to demonstrate our appreciation for the incredible people that makes our lives better, so thank you for making my life better by supporting this blog and please drive carefully!



  1. Así es nenis, es chistoso como nos tiene que pasar "algo" para intentar apreciar y disfrutar mas la vida y sus pequeños y hermosos detalles

  2. Jajaja mejor no esperar a que pase algo vdd? Por lo pronto tu si ponte esos tacones que yo ahorita tengo prohibidisimos =)

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  4. Que bonito mensaje Tania, y más bonito es ver que ya estas recuperada y dando lata (se extraño muhcoooo).. y como dicen: YOLO!