Monday, December 7, 2015

Tlalpujahua, a town that celebrates Christmas 365 days a year

If you are a Christmas fanatic like me I'm sure that you have already watched that movie where everyday is Christmas until the main character is finally able to celebrate it appropriately, although that sounds more like a nightmare than a gift, can you imagine in a more positive scenario being able to celebrate every single day as if it was December 25th?

Looking for directions?
This weekend I had the opportunity to visit Tlalpujahua, which is a small town located in the central region of Mexico, very close to the Monarch butterflies sanctuary; this beautiful place is most known because their primary industrial activity is the Bauble production, they spend the entire year working in the design and production of  baubles allowing us to have pretty ornaments to place over our Christmas Trees during the holidays, some sort of modern Santa's workshops.

Waiting for our Chilaquiles & Juice breakfast

We started this trip by making a stop at Quinta la Huerta, an old house that works as Hotel and restaurant, we had a huge breakfast to get the required energy to go walking up the hills to explore and look for the most beautiful decorations.

Cupcake baubles?

I was expecting to find the typical and classical baubles designs and colors so you can imagine my surprise when I found the most unexpected forms starting with some delicious cup cakes.

There were some in fruits shapes, some others resembling Hershey's kisses, candy canes, transparent baubles filled with a number of materials: branches, feathers, etc. and in a corner there was this little place that fabricates them in Batman, Spiderman, Minions, Hello Kitty and even Zombies vs. Plants forms.

Every year there is a Bauble Fair celebrated from October to Mid December, where all the local families expose their designs, you can find not only bauble's but also a number of glass-based ornaments, like Nochebuenas (poinsettias), air balloon figures, gigantic apples, among other zillion things,  and families get very competitive trying to have the best exposition of all, it's not rare to find that pictures are forbidden in certain stands as they want to avoid having someone copying their models.

Mexico's Santa Claus home

Close to the Fair you'll find the house of Santa Claus, and this magical place is like the dream of all little elves out there: Christmas carols can be heard in the background of this huge exposition of decorative objects with Christmas trees in different colors, baubles, advent calendars and any object that you can imagine in its festive version, from salt shakers and towels to small town houses and little trains.
Sorry for the blurry picture, we were like kids running from one room to the other

This was a one day visit  but it was enough to let us fall in love with the beautiful landscape,  huge trees, clear air, gentile people, good food and the feeling that the best time of the year is already here, it definitely is starting to look a lot like Christmas, my only regret, not taking more pictures!
Can you believe this is a not filtered picture?

Anyway, thanks for joining us in this virtual visit, now you should let me know in the comments section which bauble figure you would like the most and even consider to include on your tree.
P.S. Big thanks to my travel accomplices that took the challenge to go visiting everything in just a few hours (no heels allowed)

My beautiful travel accomplices!


  1. Siempre ha sido y será un placer viajar contigo ñoñis, nos falta tanto tanto por conocer... 😊

  2. Por lo pronto ya podemos marcar Tlalpujahua de nuestra lista de pendientes, yehiii.
    ¿Y a ti que esferas te gustaron mas?

  3. A mi las que ya pusimos en el árbol!