Monday, February 22, 2016

DIY: Furniture refashion (from rustic to shabby chic)

Last week's post was about a failed DIY project that become a personal challenge, this week I'm delighted to share the happy ending to that story.

In the picture below you can see how this item used to look like, it's not like it was hideous and the tile art was quite nice but now that we are embellishing our house with a vintage-minimalist- shabby style there was absolutely no place for  this rustic item, and being the DIY enthusiasts that we are we took the challenge to transform it to something that we would love to see standing right next our kitchen bar.

There were just a few supplies used:

  1. Spray or canned paint
  2. Painters blue tape
  3. Paintbrushes
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Acrylic paint
  6. Optional: plastic gloves and protective mask

Steps followed:

1. I started by setting up an open place where I could spray paint without ruining a wall which lead me to the balcony, I placed the furniture in a work table to be cleaned and lightly sanded.

2. Once sanded and cleaned I started painting, now this was a tricky part, I've never used spray paint before so here are some tips for those adventurous rookies like me:

  • Shake the can for a couple of minutes to allow paint mix to be homogeneous
  • Start with the rear or any side that can be messed up(not that we are planning that..)
  • While painting don't push too hard and keep the hand moving otherwise all the paint will be concentrated in a single spot and it will start dripping
  • If it drips and you are wearing gloves use your hand to distribute the excess of paint, don't ask me why but somehow it worked

3. I painted all over the furniture letting it dry between coats, as you can see in the picture below, it will look uneven after the first 30 coats but eventually will look completely painted

4. For the drawer I've decided to protect the tiles from the white paint so I covered them with the painters tape.

5. Once the drawer was completely painted I removed the tape and placed it between the tiles to paint in 3 different colors.

 6. This was the first version of this refashion, not exactly what I had in mind:

 7. Back to the workshop, this time I decided to do it old school using canned paint and a brush:

8. I painted all the furniture (it needed 3 coats to look perfect), for the drawer I sanded the tiles and then repainted all. The new color used was a semi glossy white that instantly put a smile in my face as it was exactly the one I had in my head when planning this project.

9. Drawer tiles strategy was also different, this time I used the same semi glossy paint as a base to create the 3 tones for the tiles to create a more harmonious palette.

10. And finally the swing the holds the water container was placed.

11. This is my refashioned piece of furniture that now is not only functional but also an eye candy.

We hosted a party last Saturday and I received a lot of compliments to my "new" water container-swing-whatever, some of my friends couldn't believe it was the same piece of wood, oh the wonders that some paint and a lot of patient can produce, it makes sense right?, is like when I take the dust off my makeup bag and put some color in my face, not that I recall the last time it happened, but anyway, I hope this project have helped motivating you to apply a makeover for that piece of furniture that you try to avoid staring at or that are willing to replace, it might only take some paint and a couple of hours of a boring day, give it a try!

Love, Tany


  1. Gracias Perlita!!! A mi también me encantó

  2. Gracias por poner fotos, quedo muy bonito!

    1. jjaja las fotos del antes? Si, fijate que quienes habian visto el mueble anterior no me creian que era el mismo, misión cumplida!

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    1. jajaja pues nomas dime y te buscamos uno para darle su pimpeada =)