Monday, March 7, 2016

DIY: Geek Love Magnets

Hello there,

This weekend I went to visit a flea market and couldn't believe the kind of things that are kept, there were blocks and blocks of people that very proudly put their precious treasures in display while telling you stories of how each and every single item have a great (sentimental) value.
When I got back home with only some magnets and a bottle of shoe paint I was remembering a couple of old keyboards that have been seating in the back of my closet for a while, I recall that at the time I got them I though about the number of projects I'd create with those, to forget about it just some days after that.
I needed to do something about it, specially now that I'm part of the decluttering movement, it was some sort of "use it or lose it" situation and I couldn't consider loosing them as they were a gift from my special guy, so that is how I though of this very quick and easy DIY project that can take just a few minutes to get completed and yes, it can be categorized as a corny project.

Geek Love Magnets

 Supplies needed:

  1. An old keyboard
  2. Small Magnets
  3. General purpose Glue
  4. Optional: Cleaning cloth (depending on how dirty your keyboard/magnets are)
  5. Optional: Carpentry Clamps

1) I started by removing and cleaning the keys, and I must say that the filter in the picture is actually helping the keys to look better because they were very filthy

2) I proceed to clean the magnets (I got them in the flea market so this was probably a safe act from my side)

3) I used the general purpose glue and simply put some drops behind the key and some  in the magnet, I distributed the drops thorugh all the pieces and wait some seconds to get the glue fixed  then pressed the key to the magnet.
I stoled got borrowed some carpentry clamps to press the key to the magnet and assure they were completely glued, if you don't have any you can use something heavy to help pushing them together while the glue dries as a couple of books (Lord of the Rings is always a good option)
And voilà, lovely corny magnets ready for the fridge or absolutely any ferromagnetic surface (how geek of me to say); You can take the girly side out of this DIY proyect creating instead an alphabet set to be used for any kind of random messages as: "dont ea7 my c8k" or "Jo caILed" or whatever you can think about.
Did you fall in love with that picture frame like me? I saw it and just needed to have it.
Hope you enjoyed this week's project, it was so simple that I kind of feel like I owe you something, I will find a way to compensate but in the meantime Thanks for stopping by & have a Great rest of your week.



  1. "don't ea7 my c8k??? Hahah Estan muy padres los imanes

  2. jajaja es "Don't eat my cake" nada mas que se me acabaron las letras, que de hecho estaba pensando en ti y en Horacio con esa frase =)
    Que bueno que te gustaron! Ahi tengo material si quieres que hagamos más.