Monday, April 4, 2016

Working (efficiently) from Tapalpa

It's been almost 3 weeks since I started my entrepreneur life and one of the main resolutions I made before jumping of the labor cliff was that I'd use this opportunity to build a life where I would not be hoping for weekends or holidays, instead I'd find a way to make every single day special (and yes, that includes Mondays).

I'm still working in creating a schedule that is flexible enough to allocate time for my business, house chores/running errands, exercise sessions, DIY projects, travels, gatherings, pinterest and whatever new cooking trend I'm trying at the moment. I've also been reading about efficient ways to create a routine that works, some of the ideas that I'm adopting are: 
  1. Base work schedule in milestones rather than time
  2. Never exceed 6 continuous hours a day for a creative business 
  3. Start working as early as possible
  4. Work in sessions if you have scheduled meetings in the day: some hours in the morning, some in the afternoon, some during the night.
  5. Work whenever you feel inspired (even if it's on a Friday/Saturday night)
  6. Dedicate a weekday for personal items

Last week I decided to put items 1 to 6 in action to visit a Magical Town called Tapalpa, it's interesting because I've been there a couple of times before but I felt as if it was my first time there,  it might be because this time I wasn't rushing: I took my time to enjoy being there, to admire the landscape, take pictures, ride horses, take long walks,  enjoy yummy meals and have deep interesting and stupid discussions with my friend.

Tapalpa is a small town situated in the mountains just 126 kilometers far from Guadalajara which make it a popular destination for weekends or holidays for all those that want to get out of the city.

For us it's so close (less than 2 hours of driving) but it might seem as if you have traveled really really far to get there just by feeling the relaxed and gentle mood of the locals and by breathing such clean air, it's also an interesting experience as most of the lodging facilities are cabins.

One of the things that I was most impressed about was the beautiful sky: a deep blue background with pristine white clouds which make it one of the most beautiful skies I've ever seen, I wasn't planning in doing a post about this travel but once I notice the big amount of beautiful pictures that I had taken I decided that I needed to share them here.

The pictures in this post have not been altered in any way (no filters, no adding bright, contrast etc.)  so you can tell how they really look like.

The purpose of my travel was not only leisure, I dedicated some time to work in my project, but it definitely felt more like a vacation and I got back home really inspired and with solutions to some items that where stuck so I'll definitely keep working in remote locations if that will help me to move forward easily (and to do it with such joy)

So please enjoy the pics and hope you have a great start of the week.
P.S. If you have any additional recommendation on creating efficient (and happy) work days please share in the comments section!

Love, Tany


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    1. Haha hope so my dear Jette, I'm still in the process of asimilating the new activities, run after suppliers, doing endless paper work, etc, so challenging but I'm happy to see the progress so far! =)