Sunday, May 8, 2016

DIY Mother´s day pearl portrait

Do you remember those days when you were really small and mother's day would only mean creating a soup necklace and learning a song that would bring tears out from all moms at the recital?

Those days you wouldn't worry about getting the best present, choosing the best restaurant and asking for a gift receipt just in case the chosen size wasn't right.

As we get older these holidays can become really annoying, meaning that you'll be stressing out about the gift, trying to avoid crowds at restaurants and probably forgetting what this day is really about.

This year I decided that I would go back to those happy days where gift was a mix of glue and plastic and moms would measure the value of the present in the labor of love ( and the hours dedicated) to create something pretty and unique.

Mother's Day Pearl Portrait 

Supplies needed:

  1. Plastic pearls in 3 different sizes 
  2. Wood simple portrait
  3. Glue 
  4. (Not featured) Silicon 
  5. A cute picture of you and your mom

1) Start by removing the back side of the portrait and add some glue.

2) Using you fingers distribute the glue all over the frame and let it rest for some seconds, this will help pearls to get glued easily.

3) Pick the largest size pearls and add them to the frame in a row.

4) Once you have covered the entire square start adding the second largest size of pearls until it's all covered. Don't worry about the glue showing as once dry it will become transparent.

5) Now let's cover the lateral sides, here I strongly recommend to use the silicon as it's more dense than glue and that will prevent the pearls to drop.

6) Once finished you'll notice that there are some gaps and open spaces so fill all those with the smallest pearls, until your frame is all covered and let it dry.

7) Print your picture and you're ready to go.
Optional: As I was looking for a retro look I modified this picture to be black and white. Sepia is also a good choice.

Ok so I'm going to be really honest about this project, it take some time and you can really get your patience tested after getting 1000 pearls glued, and some may drop, so take your time to enjoy the process and please don't worry if it looks very weird when you are half way, it will turn pretty once you're done,you can take my word for that.

I would also recommend that when gifting this portrait you include a small note on why you chose that particular picture, in my case I love how happy my mom and I look as if we were talking without using words. You can also look for a really old picture or a very funny one.

Hope you have a great mother's day celebration! If you happen to be a mother let everyone else pamper you and remember that cake eating is a mandatory activity this day.


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