Sunday, June 19, 2016

DIY 10 minutes Father's day wall art gift

Living away from my parents have definitely changed the way I feel about holidays such as mother's and father's day, and although I always call them those days I try to keep the festive spirit until we got together for our belated celebration.

As my own father celebration will happen in some weeks I decided to help my little nephew honoring my second favorite father in the world (my brother in law), I accepted this job mainly because the poor little guy is still unable to hold a hammer by himself (maybe it's because he's only 10 months old) so he needed a little help from his crafty aunt.

We had a brainstorming session where we discussed what we like the most about this guy and decided to create a wall art listing some of his best features, and as you might have a lot of special fathers around you as well I'm attaching a printable at the end of the post so you can easily create yours.

Father's day 10 minutes wall art gift

Difficulty: extremely easy
Time required: 10 minutes!

Supplies needed:

  1. Pants hanger clamp
  2. Picture frame hanger
  3. Tweezers 
  4. General purpose glue
  5. Printed art
  6. Optional: Scissors and a ruler

Let's do this:

1) Start by disarming your hanger clamp using the tweezers (you might need some help here from someone incredibly strong, a boyfriend, brother or your gal pal that always opens the jars for you)

1.1 You'll be done once you get 2 wood bars

2) Glue the frame hanger to one of the wood bar's back

2.1- If yours is like mine you'll see that there are some lines marked in the back that can help correctly positioning the hanger

3) Optional step: I noticed that the printed image was too long for my taste so I cropped it cutting some centimeters from the top and the bottom using a ruler and the scissors 

4) Apply some glue to the printed art top corners and then press against the wood bar with the hanger, repeat with the bottom corners and the remaining wood bar

5)And you are done now!

It was incredibly easy and you probably already have all the required supplies at home.

Hope you can share this day with the special men of your life, if you are a dad already get ready to receive lots of love and probably a big bloddy piece of steak, hey it's your party, and you can have the whole cow if you want it.