Monday, August 29, 2016

DIY: From ordinary (new) wood to (vintage) Shabby chic in 3 steps

The other day I was reading a post about the most annoying things that bloggers do, one of the biggest offenders was the fact that some tend to apologize whenever their post's schedule is altered in any way as the author said that most readers are not even aware of your defined schedule and couldn't care less on your explanations as they probably didn't even notice you were MIA.

Not sure If I agree with that perspective, but if you do then I apologize in advance for apologizing for my absence here the latest weeks, I'm still adjusting to my new job and schedule and couldn't find the calm required to sit and write a useful post.

Anyway, I'm definitely glad to be back, specially because today's project is something that has been in my list for a while as I´m a sucker for shabby chic furniture and love the vintage/old aspect of wood, being a DIY girl I wanted to find a way to do it myself (and then share it with you guys)

From ordinary to Shabby Chic in 3 Steps

Difficulty: Extremely easy
Time required: Will depend on the size of your wood furniture, It took me a couple of hours to get mine done
Supplies needed:

  1. A piece of wood/ wood furniture, etc (I used a plain pine piece) 
  2. Vaseline (or any thick cream that you already have)
  3. A paint pot (I'd recommend white, ivory or a very light mint colors)
  4. A brush
  5. A small cloth

Let's do this:

Step #1: Oil the wood

Using the brush start applying the Vaseline to the wood

Make sure to cover all the edges, if your wood has any "damaged" areas focus on those to get a better result, try to cover a good portion without following patterns instead applying in random areas.

Step 2: Paint it

Once you are done applying the vaseline paint this wood as you'd normally do, a couple of coats is more than enough

Step 3: Remove the paint

Take the cloth and start "cleaning" the paint from the spots where you applied the vaseline

After a while it might look like this:

If you feel that you went too far with the scrubbing (like I did)  you can "fix" it re-applying paint to those spots:

And you're done!

I wanted to transform this piece of wood to be used for some lay flat pictures I needed for my business but this technique can be used for anything:frames, bookcases, desks, tables, etc etc.

I've been trying to finish painting a vintage furniture I bought a couple of years ago (procrastination alert) but I think that I'll complete it using this technique so it won't take another couple of years to be done, I'll be sharing that project here as soon as it's done.

Hope you enjoyed today's DIY and felt inspired to give it a try! (If so you must let me know, I'd love to see how yours went out!)

Love, Tany