Sunday, September 4, 2016

Travel: Losing a boat & other tragedies in the funniest day at Zirahuen

When I was younger I remember that I loved visiting Patzcuaro's lake, it wasn't far from my hometown and it never failed to make me feel as if I was living a great adventure just by jumping on a boat to visit its islands, I though that it couldn't get any better, until I went to Zirahuen.

There is a legend that says that when Spaniards arrived in this region one of the conquistadors fell in love with Erendira, who was King Tanganxoan's daughter, the Spaniard kidnapped her and kept her captive in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, she was so sad that kept crying for so long that a river was formed with all of her tears, that is how this lake was formed.

The lake was considered such a magnificent beauty that was called "Zirahuen" which means "God's mirror" in the local language.

The interesting thing is that from the first time I was there I started feeling a strong conecction with this place, I remember that just a couple of years ago I was there celebrating the wedding of one of my closest friends, it was a very important moment for him and I was glad to be part of that, but being there also helped me getting the clarity I needed to solve some things that would eventually made my life better, somehow I feel as if only magical things can happen when I'm at Zirahuen.

Moving further away from this region some years ago has made me treasure even more the time that I'm able to spent there, that is why a couple of weeks ago that I was visiting my hometown I didn't hesitate in convincing a couple of friends to join me in a journey that would supposedly end with us kayaking under the sun.

We had the perfect plan, but there were so many things going badly that we ended up god knows where, waiting for a boat to come rescue us, already late, hungry, sweaty and just messy with no sun near us.

I know that this sounds like a horror movie but I must say that even with all the challenges that we encountered I can only remember this day as the one where the three of us had an amazing adventure, I think that this is one of those moments when you need to  apply the "if life gives you lemons.." attitude.

We could have focused on the things that went wrong but instead we decided that there were far more positive things to be greatful for: we saw the most beautiful landscapes, enjoyed the journey on the boats, felt the rain caressing  our faces, we laughed until tears of happiness came out of our eyes and simply shared the joy to be there, together, in that magical place that never fails to bring me back to my childhood days when I though that this was the most beautiful lake in the world, and you know what, so many years had passed and I probably still feel the same way about it.

Hope you liked the pictures, it was not easy to select just a few from all the amazing images that we got there but I don't think that we had enough time to see 200 takes of the lake hahaha

Thanks for virtually visiting it with us!


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