Monday, October 24, 2016

DIY: Create homemade oatmeal and honey soap bars (for you or to give away this Xmas)

For anyone that knows me is not a secret that I've always suffered of sensitive skin, I'm usually fighting with dry areas and not so dry areas and can't even think in skipping my night face wash, otherwise I'll wake up with unpleasant red marks or even worst: pimples.

Everytime I visit either a dermatologist or get a facial cleansing I got reminded how I have one of the most sensitive skins of all, specially for someone with a medium complexion, what can I tell them?, I have been like this all my life.

Some weeks ago I was browsing YouTube looking for fruit facial masks and found a video with an Asian girl that had the most beautiful skin, she said her secret was washing her face with oats and showed a before and after picture, it was unbelievable how she could turn her damaged skin to the radiant and glowing aspect that she has now.

I started cleaning my face with oats twice a day and almost immediately started feeling and seeing the changes, I also started drinking more water because there is absolutely no treatment  that can help your skin if you are not hydrating your body

Below you can see my face as it is today (no makeup involved), I mean there are visible wrinkles and moles but it's the smoothest my skin has look in years (and I just noticed how I urgently need to do something with my almost non-existent eyebrows)

Using the oats have been great but everytime I washed my face it was chaotic, no matter how cautious I was, there would be oats in the sink, in the floor and sometimes in my hair, so I decided that I'd find an easier way to continue my oat love  without doing a mess.

After much consideration (and a lot of research) I resolved to create my own oat soap bars, which  I though would also be a great blog topic thinking in holidays gift, right? The best part is that most of the ingredients/tools can be found in your kitchen.

DIY: Oat and honey Soap bars

Difficulty: Extremely Easy 
Time required: 30 minutes for preparation/24 hours to get ready
Supplies needed:

  1. 500 grams of glycerin - easily found in any soap/craft store
  2. 3/4 cup blended oats (uncooked/ unflavored)
  3. 3 teaspoons of oats
  4. 2 teaspoons of honey (it's moisturizing and antibacterial!)
  5. Any silicone mold you already have 
  6. Kitchen knife
  7. A couple of glass/ceramic containers
  8. Plastic spoon or a wood stick (I used a Popsicle stick)
  9. Optional: Food coloring
  10. Optional: Essential oil/fragrance

Let's do this

1) Get the glycerine ready

Start by cutting the glycerine block in little pieces

Place the little pieces in one of your containers:

You'll start melting the glycerine putting the container inside your microwave in 10-15 seconds cycles to avoid burning it, stirring with your spoon/stick everytime you take the container out of the microwave to dissolve any lump.

You'll be done once your glycerine is liquid.

2) Mix the rest of the ingredients

Pour your liquid glycerine on your second container

Add the blended oats & the honey

And mix with the aid of the spoon/stick

3) Mould it

Place some un-blended oats in your mould, just a few (this is only for decorating purposes)

then pour your glycerine-oat-honey mix inside the mould cavities:

4) Optional Step: Adding color and odor

If you decided to add color and flavor just need to put a few drops of both the food coloring and the fragrance/essential oil, mix again and pour it to the mould.

I decided to do it both ways: uncolored & unscented for the bars that were intended for the face wash, but I added some color and fragrance for those that would be gifted and used for the hands or body wash.

If you'll be buying food coloring I recommend to stick to the primary colors (yellow, red and blue) and use those to create the desired shade.

I'd also recommend using essential oils for soap instead of fragrances, the difference is that while both will add a delicious smell to your soaps, using essential oils will also  provide all the associated qualities of the selected plant/fruit.

5) Un-mould and enjoy

Once your moulds are filled let them rest until the next day:

Now you can take your soap out of the mould, you'll just need to pop it out

And you are done now!

I played with different colors, red for the hearts, purple for the tulip and orange for the margarita, I just can't believe how incredibly easy it was to create my natural soap bars and I'm excited with the unlimited options, I'm thinking in floral soaps, fruit soaps, I can even imagine those smells in my house mm mm.

You can also create a soap bar with your favorite perfume essence adding some drops in the mix.

If you want to gift them just need to wrap them, maybe put them in a cardboard box, print some labels and voilá.

Oh and one more thing, don't worry about damaging your containers/moulds, the glycerine can be easily removed because once dry you can peel it just by pulling it from any surface.

Hope you liked today's project, if you are still hesitating in the whole soap making you can start by using the oats in your face wash and you'll probably get hook just as I did.


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