Monday, October 3, 2016

Travel: Taking a break at Chapala's lake

If you're tired and you know it clap your hands!

During the latestweeks we've been so busy that even Saturdays have been full of business related tasks, it's been exhausting trying to accomplish our planned agendas and that in addition to my concerns of blog schedule delays had me starting to show signs of stress so we decided to plan a very much needed relax day.

As we only had a Sunday to do this we decided to go somewhere near us and we ended up heading towards Chapala, which is only 40 minutes far from our house.

Chapala is the name of the little town but is also the name of a beautiful lake, it seems that I've been haunted by lakes recently!

This lake in particular is the favorite among the people that live in Guadalajara because of its proximity but also because once there you instantly get a vacation vibe and the weather definitely helps to make you feel as if you were at a beach.

We really didn't do much: walk through the pier, have an ice cream, take pictures here and there, but just getting disconnected from our usual environment was a big relieve, we should probably go more often.

Enjoy the pictures, most of them are not altered at all (a few have a little light adjustment).

You might agree with me that this has to be one of the most amazing skies ever seen and with such a sunny day it was a truly delight for us to spend there our Sunday fun-day.

I hope you have a nice week and if you are feeling burned you might consider at least drawing mandalas which by the way I'm trying to include in one of my next DIY projects, until then please take care, and don´t forget to inhale and exhale!

Love, Tany

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