Sunday, January 29, 2017

DIY: Create a unique log planter for interiors in 3 steps

It's been a while since the last post and I honestly can say that the latest weeks have been incredibly crazy so please believe me when I say that I was missing been here more than you can even imagine.

The end of the year was so demanding that I ended up with a bag full of supplies for all my Christmas crafts that will have to wait for this year's holidays to see the light (insert sad face emoji here)

But anyway, good things are happening now, the days are getting warmer and with that in mind I wanted to work in a home decor project that could help making the house feel cozy now that Christmas decorations are going back to the bottom of the closet.

By now you've probably seen a lot of images of log planters, these beautiful (and huge) logs that are being used as planters being filled with the most colorful flowers, definitely a view I'd love in my house.

The biggest problem with that kind of planter is that is not easy to find those big logs, and believe me, I tried, but simply couldn't find any, the other issue is that logs are not meant to keep liquids inside, therefore those log planters are usually located in patios and gardens where having water leaks won't be an issue.

As stubborn as I am, I needed to find a way to make it happen, specially since I was able to find a small log in a nearby park, and for the flower selection I went with a lower maintenance but equally beautiful choice: succulents.

DIY Log planter for interiors

Difficulty: Easy  
Time required: 60 minutes
Supplies needed:

  1. A log
  2. Succulents
  3. A saw (I used a band saw)
  4. A Drill
  5. Pencil
  6. Spoon

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's make it short and stable

As I planned to place this planter on a coffee table I needed the log to be shorter, once decided we simply cut the log using the band saw:

I also wanted to avoid the log to be moving, with the aid of the pencil we marked a line close to the base.

Once marked it was just a matter of getting rid of the bottom to get a more stable base.

Step # 2 : Let's dig that log

Using the drill it took us some minutes to get the wood removed in order to create the space for the plants.

Once completed it looked like shown in the picture below, as you can tell it doesn't have to be perfect as the succulents will cover the entire cavity.

Step # 3 - Let's "succulent" this

Using the spoon take the succulents out of their containers and remove as much soil as needed to assure the plant will fit in the cavity

Once ready place the plants inside

For this log I used 2 types of succulents, leaving one type in the extremes and the other in the middle of the planter, you can arrange them as you prefer, mixing various types of them and in some weeks you'll notice how the plants' roots are tied to the log.

Remove the dirt and you are ready now to place your planter wherever you want!

As mentioned before, these plants don't require lots of care, simply put some water on them once a week and you'll be done. If you feel bad leaving your succulents unattended for a week, you can use an atomizer and spray your plants twice a week (I know, plant-lady issues)

Hope you liked today's project, if the weather in your city allows it go find your log, you'll have an interesting center-piece for all your gatherings and your house will definitely feel cozier with plants inside.



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