Monday, February 27, 2017

DIY: Create a Mandala Coloring Pouch in 3 steps (and get ready to relax)

If you like spending your weekends browsing Pinterest like me (and maybe pining projects that are kept in hidden boards for years) you probably noticed (or maybe even got infected with) the Mandala fever.

A "Mandala" is a geometric figure that represents the universe in Hindu & Buddhist symbolism and has been associated with healing and relaxing properties, these days is very common to find Mandala's everything: coloring books, wall art,  mobile apps, etc.

In a related note, last year I finally visited Chichen Itzá along with other Mayan ruins and found a book with Mayan Mandalas that was simply too pretty and unique that I felt the urge to get it.

I love this book so much because it reminds me of that amazing trip, but also because is a mix of Mexican heritage and designs screaming for color but the moment I got it I felt the need to find a way to use it avoiding  the sensation that I was destroying something sacred. (I got issues, right?)

While I was thinking that I really wanted to use my book I was listening to a friend telling me she needed a new pouch and it just hit me, I'd make her a pretty pouch with a Mayan Mandala print, in that way this could be a useful object (which is always a must in my DIY projects) that would also serve as a Coloring "book" that would proudly represent the Mayan art (Win-win-win)

DIY: Mandala Coloring Pouch 

Difficulty: Medium  
Time required: 60 minutes
Supplies needed:

  1. Fabric (I used cotton)
  2. A4 paper
  3. Spray Adhesive
  4. Mandala Design (I scanned mine from my book but you can find a lot of free designs in the web)
  5. Computer/Printer (not pictured)
  6. Sewing Machine (not pictured)
  7. Zipper
  8. Matching thread
  9. Scissors 

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's prepare our canvas

Start by cutting your fabric, placing the A4 paper above then cut around it, this doesn't have to be perfect, just make sure that the fabric has a similar size.

Once cut, paste the fabric over the same A4 paper using the spray glue, let it dry for some minutes and once dry  cut the exceeding fabric.

Your canvas is ready.

Step # 2: Let's print our design

Once you've selected your design, adjust it to the A4 size using Paint or any design program you have, make sure to center your design both horizontally and vertically.

Once ready print your design on your canvas and let it dry.

Step # 3: Let's sew this pouch

Start by sewing/gluing the zipper to one of the edges.

Now sew/glue a 1/2" seam in both edges of your pouch by folding your fabric in two keeping the printed area inside.

I initially though in removing the paper we glued but now I think that keeping it there will avoid coloring "leaks" trespassing to the other side of the fabric.

Turn it around and sew/glue the other side of the zipper, If yours gets as wrinkly as mine just press a warm iron on it and it'll be perfect!

Now it's only matter of grabbing some colors, playing some music to enjoy the calm of your afternoon/night after a crazy day at the office.

If you are not really into sewing you can simply print your design, color it and put it in a picture frame to be used as wall art ;)

Hope you liked today's project, I'll probably make one for me as well and will think on other options to use these beautiful designs.

Thanks for stopping by, wishing you a very productive and relaxed week!



Monday, February 13, 2017

DIY: Valentine's prettiest flower arrangement in 3 (easy) steps

I must confess that I'm guilty: I'm a victim of Valentine's day, I love seeing people everywhere being corny, carrying balloons, choosing flowers and simply being happy about this day.

The best thing is that this day is not only for people in relationships but for everybody that want to celebrate the joy of honest and fulfilling friendship, cheers to that!

This week I wanted to create an easy project that could be a nice gift for that special friend that is always there for you, because honestly, nothing says I love you like spending some time crafting something unique for that person specially if manual work is not your biggest strength.

DIY Valentine's Prettiest Flower arrangement

Difficulty: Incredibly Easy  
Time required: 20 minutes
Supplies needed:

  1. A recycled container/box (mine was a body lotion can)
  2. Floral Oasis (cut to fit your container)
  3. Your favorite flowers
  4. Scissors 
  5. A bowl with watter
  6. Optional: Rope

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's prepare the container

Start by removing any sticker or label from your container, if yours gets difficult to remove just soak a piece of cotton in acetone and rub it on the sticker.  it will be removed very easily.

As my container used to have body lotion it was already "water-proof" but if you had chosen something like a cardboard box or a wood box then you can just cut a piece of plastic from a plastic bag and place it in the bottom.

Step # 2: Let's soak the oasis

Take your floral oasis and put it in a bowl with water, leave it there for some minutes to let it absorb enough water to keep your flowers fresh.

Once wet place it inside your container, if needed, pour more water on the oasis.

Step # 3: Let's add some roses

Cut your flowers' stems long enough to fit your container, no longer than the width of your oasis:

Now start placing them on the oasis one by one:

I found it easier to do if I placed each rose right next to the previous one to make sure that there were no spaces between them:

This is how it will look once you have placed all the roses (don't you love it?)

Optional: Let's tie some rope

If you want to add an ornamental detail you can tie some rope around, maybe a ribbon, whatever you have in your house:

And voilá, this is the final result!

I really loved doing this, it was incredibly easy and I won't be afraid of floral arrangement crafts anymore.

The best part is that I have my gift ready for one of my closest friends, I hope she likes it.

Thanks for stopping by, I would love to know that you'll give it a try to this project, you saw how easy it was to put everything together, you need just a small bouquet of flowers and the container can be a recycled box/can that you probably already have.

Wishing you a great Valentine's week!


Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY: Saint Valentine's Healthy treats

What's not to love about Saint Valentine's day? Specially since that is the day you get permission to be the corniest  in the world, what can I say? I'm a helpless romantic.

I was so happy thinking about how I loved sharing candies and flowers with friends and my special guy (of course) until I realized that I recently started a clean-eating program (created by me, of course) and thought that maybe, just maybe, sweets and candies are not exactly in the list of recommended food.

As I didn't want to avoid one of my favorite festivities I needed to fnd a way to get some sweet while not sabotaging anybody's healthy resolutions (it's only February, right?), and that is how this DIY was born.

DIY Saint Valentine's Healthy Treats

Difficulty: Incredibly Easy  
Time required: 20 minutes
Supplies needed:

  1. Chocolate bar (the highest the percentage of cocoa, the less sugar it contains, mine was 70%)
  2. Cranberries, almonds, shredded coconut, etc
  3. Silicone mold
  4. Microwavable recipient 
  5. Spoon

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's melt this

Break your chocolate bar in small pieces and put it inside your microwavable recipient

Once it's all ready place it inside your microwave during 30 seconds and repeat as many times as required to melt it all. 

Step # 2: Let's mold this

Once the chocolate is ready pour it in the silicone mold cavity:

When all the cavities have been filled take your mold with both hands and move it smoothly to assure the chocolate is evenly distributed  

Finally, take your healthy toppings and add them to the chocolate while it's hot.

Step # 3: Let's finish this

Once that all toppings have been added place the mold inside the freezer during 10 minutes:

And your chocolate hearts will be done,  just pop them out of the mold as shown below:

You are ready now to share these delicious guilty-free snacks with your loved ones, or not share them at all (that's fine too)

Did you like today's project? Easy and delicious! Hopefully you'll make more interesting mix of toppings, if you give it a try please let me know how it went, OK?