Monday, February 6, 2017

DIY: Saint Valentine's Healthy treats

What's not to love about Saint Valentine's day? Specially since that is the day you get permission to be the corniest  in the world, what can I say? I'm a helpless romantic.

I was so happy thinking about how I loved sharing candies and flowers with friends and my special guy (of course) until I realized that I recently started a clean-eating program (created by me, of course) and thought that maybe, just maybe, sweets and candies are not exactly in the list of recommended food.

As I didn't want to avoid one of my favorite festivities I needed to fnd a way to get some sweet while not sabotaging anybody's healthy resolutions (it's only February, right?), and that is how this DIY was born.

DIY Saint Valentine's Healthy Treats

Difficulty: Incredibly Easy  
Time required: 20 minutes
Supplies needed:

  1. Chocolate bar (the highest the percentage of cocoa, the less sugar it contains, mine was 70%)
  2. Cranberries, almonds, shredded coconut, etc
  3. Silicone mold
  4. Microwavable recipient 
  5. Spoon

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's melt this

Break your chocolate bar in small pieces and put it inside your microwavable recipient

Once it's all ready place it inside your microwave during 30 seconds and repeat as many times as required to melt it all. 

Step # 2: Let's mold this

Once the chocolate is ready pour it in the silicone mold cavity:

When all the cavities have been filled take your mold with both hands and move it smoothly to assure the chocolate is evenly distributed  

Finally, take your healthy toppings and add them to the chocolate while it's hot.

Step # 3: Let's finish this

Once that all toppings have been added place the mold inside the freezer during 10 minutes:

And your chocolate hearts will be done,  just pop them out of the mold as shown below:

You are ready now to share these delicious guilty-free snacks with your loved ones, or not share them at all (that's fine too)

Did you like today's project? Easy and delicious! Hopefully you'll make more interesting mix of toppings, if you give it a try please let me know how it went, OK?


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