Monday, March 20, 2017

DIY: Learn how to dry flowers with the laziest method of all

Hello! So happy to be kicking off one of my favorite seasons with you: Spring!! (insert flower emoji here)

My crazy schedule has kept me away from here these days and having a couple of projects that went wrong didn't help, but hey, let's say I'm a little wiser now ( and I should probably share some of the lessons learned, right?)

Anyway, for this special day (and been the crazy flower lady that I am) I wanted to share a very simple flower project and while going through my brainstorming process I started thinking in how fast flowers turn from fresh and colorful to sad and pale.

I though in those special flowers that I've received in my life, like the first bouquet I got from my boyfriend and a beautiful arrangement I got in my last birthday at my previous job, I'd have loved to keep both of them, and the fact is that I actually would've been able to do it, if I'd dry them!

I went full research mode on techniques to dry flowers, there are zillions of them, from pressing them with an iron, keeping them pressed in the middle of a large book and even found a weird tool that looks like a torture device but I wanted something simpler (and less dangerous), so this is how this post was born.

DIY: Dry flowers (lazy style)

Difficulty: Extremely easy  
Time required: 5 minutes to prepare/ A couple of days to get your flowers dried
Supplies needed:

  1. Flowers (any kind)
  2. Rubber bands

Let's do this:

Step # 1: Let's take them out of the water

The best time to dry your flowers is when you notice that your flower petals start getting brown, don't wait too long after that to get a better result.

I'd also recommend to cut any damaged petal, branch, etc with some scissors to get a cleaner flower.

Step # 2: Let's hang them

Using the rubber band take your flower from the seam and tie it to a bar, a hanger or any dry place where you can leave your flowers rest for a couple of days 

To tie it just pull the rubber band around to keep the flower secured.

Try moving the base to assure that the band is tight enough

Step # 3: Let's be patient (the most difficult step)

I kept my flowers tied to a window for some days until they were completely dry, in this step just be patient and try to avoid touching your flower because your petals are too fragile.

And you are done now!

I wanted to use my dried flowers to decorate a gift, I only needed a brown bag and some rope:

You can see below the final result, not bad right?

The good news are that I'll be able to keep ALL the flowers I get (YAY!), the bad news is that this idea is not necessarily compatible with my declutter goals so I'll find a way to assure that these flowers are being used and not just being accumulated.

Oh and I also tried an even lazier method, I left some flowers just laying flat for some days, and to be honest, I don't think that the results are what I expected as you can see below, so I'd strongly recommend to hang them instead.

I hope you liked today's simple idea, if you have a crazy easy method that I could use next time please let me know (Sharing is caring!)

Have a great week and a Happy Flower Season!!


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